It’s all in your thoughts…

Your Feelings are everything…

What are you currently feeling now? I want you to relax and close your eyes and let your mind and spirit fully settle into the core of your being? Listen to your breathing and feel your heart beating in your chest. (Do not cheat. . .eyes, still closed, so you can get an accurate reading of your feeling mode) What are you feeling? Christmas is a couple of days away and typically most of us feel a literal panic about everything at this time of the year; almost totally forgetting the true message of the season! Perhaps, like me, you are not quite done with your “to shop” list; perhaps you are planning on sending money or gifts to support family abroad and have not gotten around to doing that; or your office table is still not ready to meet and greet Santa!

In all honesty, how do you feel right now? Are you happy, stressed, anxious, sad, overwhelmed, tired, excited, angry, grateful or joyful? Hopefully you are at a good place. If you happen not to be at a good “feeling mode”, right now, this moment might just be the perfect time to usher in the right feeling mode especially for Christmas which is literally one day away!  OMG!!! One day away (lol)

But, why am I always concerned with this “feeling mode” topic that I always talk about? I’ll tell you why; because your feeling mode generally dictate the kind of experiences, people, circumstances and outcomes you’ll encounter during the course of your day. The minute I discovered this correlation was the instant everything changed for me! EVERYTHING will change for you when you understand and apply this universal and eternal principle. What you “choose” to feel at any given time charts the course of your day, week, month, year, and eventually your life? And yes, it is your choice!

We’ve all had it at one time or another when up wake up from the farthest and “wrongest” side of your bed and watch your whole entire day go from worse to worst; yep! That literal day from hell. Did you know that as long as you let that “bad feeling mode” from your morning remain with you throughout the course of your day, you are definitely on the guest list for “the day from hell” party which you know is the worst party to get an invite for!

Thoughts are powerful energy! We vacillate and process millions of thoughts throughout the day at really rapid successions. Most of these thoughts end up not influencing our feelings at all. There are however some thoughts that we choose to pay attention to (because they bother us more or for whatever reason) that eventually evolves into our feelings and dictates our pervasive emotion. This is the critical point where you are called to Action!  I say “called to action” because at this point, it demands a conscious effort on your part to stop this transition to the next stage of its existence. What thoughts amongst these millions of thoughts that we think throughout the course of our day should we allow to evolve into the “feeling mode”.  Sad, stressful, negative thoughts should not make that list and yet they are often the ones that make the guest list into our feeling mode pool party!

Resist, Resist, and Resist! I will let you into this secret; I generally would not talk about a thought that gives me a negative vibe because I have seen that talking about whatever it is, gives that “thing” a separate existence! You actually power what you always talk about, thereby giving it an existence that should have been extinguished in your mind the minute it was processed! You talk about it and you create a monster with huge eyes, ears and mouth!

Remember always that thoughts evolve into feelings; feelings are potent creatures that can grow wings and take flight; choose to create only productive and positive feelings that can only gather positive and productive experiences for your life. Talk only about those thought that makes you feel empowered, validated, happy, etc.

Initially along my journey, it was such an arduous task to painstakingly sift through my thoughts throughout the day and I was making a conscious effort to stay on a great feeling mode and be happy even when the odds were stacked against me. (It is so funny because there were times that the odds were not only stacked against you, but they had me pinned under them, and the worst thing to do is to allow these monsters to stomp you on the head when you are down and pummel you into a state of despair and hopelessness) It was a lot of work at that time. However, through constant practice, your body, mind and spirit become allergic to toxic thoughts and your default mode is one of instantly killing it once it is processed. It no longer has the chance to evolve into your feeling mode and ravage your experiences.

One of the most significant realization for me in embarking on this journey to finding peace, happiness and success is the realization that the people that are currently in our lives are usually mirror-images of our predominant feeling-mode or frequency. If we have people that are constantly whining, pessimistic, hyper-critical of others, negative, etc.; chances are that WE are the same way or slowly drifting to the same feeling mode and frequency. 

As we are counting down to the birth of Christ, you have a choice to recalibrate your thoughts and feeling mode. Constantly check in with your feeling mode/frequency during the course of the day! How are you doing? Take stock at the end of the day, did you do well? Could you have done better? 2016 must be your year of mad success if you believe it and remember it all starts from your thoughts.

A life of abundance, peace and harmony is your birth right! Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous yuletide!!!

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