The Soul Compass Collections: Wisdom Capsules to Awaken, Inspire, Enlighten, and Illuminate Your Path Through Life

By Ogor Winnie Okoye

The Soul Compass Collections is a compendium of spiritual quotes, bite-sized capsules of wisdom, prayers, affirmations, and inspirations that would prove immensely beneficial for everyone navigating through the daunting, yet fascinating highway called life. There is neither a GPS guide nor a navigational map on this highway, so it is the author’s hope that everyone who picks up this book will find a prayer, affirmation, inspiration, or a healthy dose of hardcore wisdom to accompany them on their journeys. All the insights, revelations, and tools shared in these pages are meant to help you successfully navigate every curve, ramp, and fork along your routes, while also equipping you with easy tips to quell the inferno of self-sabotage, as you fearlessly embrace your God-given birth-right to a life of true and enduring joy, success, and peace of mind. A magnificent life is completely in synch with the Almighty’s plan for everyone, not just for the select few, but for all who fervently seek it. The Soul Compass Collections will lead its readers onto that magnificent path.

About the Author

Ogor Winnie Okoye lives and breathes inspiration! Her audiences describe her as the consummate multi-tasker extraordinaire. Ogor is a mother, wife, trial attorney, inspirational author, motivational speaker and a certified professional life coach. Other labels describe her as spunky, vivacious, a free spirit, optimist, fitness and health enthusiast, spiritual junkie, and a truth seeker. She exudes an effortless aura of confidence, joy, and peace, which she generously shares with everyone.

The author lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and five children.

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